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KETTLEBELL SWING | Why Is Good and How Best Performed

The kettlebell swing is one of the most popular uses of the effective kettlebell workouts. If you want an intense workout with your kettelbell, then you might want to try the kettlebell swing. You will definitely experience a whole lot of intense and invigorating workout with the kettlebell swing.

Why Kettlebell Swing?

Kettlebell SwingYou might want to ask, what can you develop out of a kettlebell swing? My answer would be definitely a lot. An intensive and invigorating workout with the kettlebell swing must not be done just for nothing.

The kettlebell swing can help you develop a great and strong posterior chain. Your muscles in the posterior chain include your back and shoulder muscles, your glutes, and your hamstrings. These will all be developed into a strong upper body. The lower body can also be strongly developed with the kettlebell swing workout.

But not just that, the kettlebell swing workout also gives you a great boost to your cardiovascular endurance. The next time you undergo vigorous exercises, after regular kettlebell swing workouts, your body can easily get along with it. Cardiovascular endurance refers to your body’s strong ability to accept vigorous forms of exercises, workouts, and other activities in a longer period of time.

So, if there is one use your kettlebell is most great and effective, it might be the kettlebell swing. Work your body into a strong machine. The kettlebell swing is definitely perfect for such kind of goal.

Proper Kettlebell Swing

The next thing you want to learn is no other than how to properly do the kettlebell swing workout. This fantastic kind of workout can be done over several repetitions and the load can be progressively increased so as to improve your workout capacity.

In a kettlebell swing workout, you may choose among variations. You may choose the single handed swing if you think that is the most comfortable way you want to perform the workout. There is also a two-arm kettlebell swing which you may prefer. You may also choose the rope swing if you think you are more comfortable with it. In single handed swing you may change hands so that your both hands can do the kettlebell swing in an alternate manner.

Either way, your posterior chain muscles (back and shoulder muscles, hamstrings, and glutes) and your lower body muscles will be developed, and will boost your cardiovascular endurance.

Just to give you a picture of how a kettlebell swing should be done. In a two-arm kettlebell swing, you start with the kettlebell on the ground in front of you with both of your knees bended. You start the movement by hiking the kettlebell toward your back. And then you drive your hips forward so that the kettlebell would propel through its arc. In this way, your arms only serve as hooks while the power and force come from the movement of the hips and the posterior chain muscles.

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It is not as complicated and hard as you might imagine. You may repeat the kettlebell swing several times and increase the load progressively.

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