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Kettlebell workouts for women are getting more popular nowadays. Kettlebell workouts for women prove to be convenient since they could be done without going to the gym and they only need little space. Women Kettlebell workouts also prove to be a lot more affordable since you don’t have to acquire those things you can need or find in a gym; all you need is a kettlebell. But most of all, kettlebell workouts for women are a perfect kind of exercise because they require our entire body to function or move with great benefits.

It is disparaging when people think that kettlebell workouts are good only for men. It kind of deprives them of the kind of simple yet perfect forms of exercises. Well, I am here to prove that kettlebell workouts are not just for men but also for women. There are so many kettlebell workouts that are basically made especially for women.

I am going to present here some basic kettlebell workouts for women:

Kettlebell Workouts for WomenThe Deadlift

One of those recommended kettlebell workouts is called the deadlift. This is just a simple and basic routine by putting a kettlebell in front and standing with your feet as far apart as the shoulder width. Then keep the toes pointed outward.

Bend your knees and then grab the handle with both hands while keeping the back diagonally straight and flat. Push up with the legs and feet keeping the arms still on a straight downward position until it heads in a standing position. This is just one of the kettlebell workouts for women that is great on the abdominal muscles and the legs.

You can watch exactly how it should be done in the following video:

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Snatch Pull

Another simple workout among a lot of kettlebell workouts for women is the snatch pull. It starts with the feet and shoulder width apart and the kettlebell on the ground between your feet. Bend your knees slightly and grab the kettlebell handle from the top. Lift it up to your chest and make sure to keep your elbows bent.

Slide your hands to the sides of the kettlebell handle bar and lift up over the head. Perform the reverse steps of the exercise to return to starting position. This specific kettlebell workouts for women is great for the body’s muscles.

You can watch exactly how it should be done in the following video:

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Box Squat

Box squat is another form of kettlebell workout for women. It starts with putting a chair behind you and positioning one foot away from it. Stand with your feet apart and lift the kettlebell up to your chest. Move down into a sitting position using your lower back and buttocks. Then move back up by pushing on the chair with the butt. This one of kettlebell workout is a perfect workout for women’s hips and legs.

Aside from those few stated above, kettlebell workouts for women include, among others, pushups, twisting, and swinging. Acquiring books or DVDs as guides for kettlebell workouts for women is also a good way to have clearer instructions.

Kettlebell workouts for women are plain and easy. Besides, you have a choice as to what kind of specific kettlebell workout among a wide variety of kettlebell workouts specially designed for women you personally prefer.

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