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Kettlebell Workout usually entail fast exercises, such as cleans, swings, snatches and jerks.

When these exercises are performed in high repetitions, they provide unbelievable body strength and muscular endurance.

Swing is a first and basic kettlebell workout, which individuals usually start with before moving on to more complex ones like snatches and jerks.

The windmill Kettlebell workout works on upper parts of the body increases shoulder flexibility and improve core strength & hamstrings flexibility. An appropriately designed kettlebell workout does not focus merely on one part, but give a good exercise to the whole body.

Kettlebell Exercises For Beginners

To get started with kettlebell workout, one can make some substitutions in regular workout routine.

These are:

Kettlebell Overhead Press

Pick up the Kettlebell and place it in the rack position near your body.

An individual has to make sure that the wrist remains straight and the Kettlebell should rest in ‘V’ made by bicep & forearm.

Brace down through the core, squeeze the handle of the kettlebell hardly and drive it overhead.

In this kettlebell workout, it is important that your elbow and shoulders are locked out. The Kettlebell should be over the shoulder or somewhat behind it.

Now, you will need to keep your core braced, reverse the movement and hand rotation. This should allow the Kettlebell to come back to the rack position.

Kettlebell Front Squats

An individual can perform this kettlebell workout either with a single or double kettlebells from squat.They both are hard on the core, legs and upper parts of the body.

Begin with the rack position, same as in the overhead press.

Brace the core properly, squeeze the handle of the Kettlebell tightly and start.

Push the hips towards your back side; pursue this movement by curving the knees.

In this kettlebell workout, you need to keep your spine in neutral position, downward as low as it could be. Drive the feet towards the floor.

Renegade Rows 

With 1 arm regular row, a person can have only one leg on the bench. Whereas Renegade rows and other similar rows require that a person uses his or her entire core to maintain the lower back stable and straight.

To get started with this kettlebell workout, stand in the front of a bench or chair.

The feet should be hip width away from each other. Keep the bell between the feet and place one hand on chair or bench.

Using your other hand, grab the Kettlebell, brace the core and pull the Kettlebell up towards the hip. Only the arm should be moved. Not the shoulders, back or legs.

Having a complete range of kettlebells is good, but one can get a workout for whole body with one Kettlebell.

Kettlebell Workout Benefits

  • Kettlebell exercises are fun to doWith Kettlebell workouts, one can find many different ways to perform exercises and break his routine. It is less boring :)
  • A kettlebell can help in complete body workoutKettlebells are available in different weights and sizes and they can be utilized for working different muscle groups. You can change the direction and swinging motion to change the focus on other muscle.
  • Kettlebell exercises are more effectiveSince kettlebell workout integrates both weight lifting and cardio principles, it is more effective on the body. 

Kettlebell workout incorporates all the main muscles when carrying out a routine, so you will need less time to attain the desired outcome.

Following a Program

Something that many people find hard to do is to figure out exactly what type of workouts to do, when to do them, how to do them and basically, most people find it easier to follow a specially designed program in order to see the results they are looking for.

In case you are among these people and you fill that a program can help you get better results and make better use of the time you dedicate to your workouts time than I recommend you check out Chris Lopez Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution v2.0.

Chris has combined his Kettlebell experience and knowledge with Turbulence Training Creator, Craig Ballantyne, in order to create the best weight loss program you will find based on using Kettlebells at the comfort of your own home. If you are too busy to go to the gym, if you tired various fat loss programs and didn’t get the results you wanted, if the thought of doing more cardio is making you sick than you should check out Chris revolutionary program.

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