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KETTLEBELL EXERCISES | Pressing, Pulling, Quads, Hamstrings, Core

Before we start talking about some Kettlebell Exercises, I want to share something with you. In today’s modern world, every person wants to look good. Looking good is not all about fashionable clothes, matching accessories and branded make-up. One should have a fit and toned body as well to carry the rest. Today, not just the youngsters but people belonging to almost all age groups crave for a good and fit body. The couch potatoes want to lose weight, the chubby ones want to get down to an accurate weight while others who are already fit want to retain their fitness and build some muscles.

People often go for various alternatives to lose their extra fats. Some follow distinct dieting plans while others prefer visiting a good gym. Talking about a gym, it includes several exercising equipment with the help of which you are able to overcome your unwanted fats and calories.

Exercises are undeniably a great way to kill calories. For decades, people had been relying on such activities in one way or the other. There are several types of exercises that one can go for in order to gain fitness. One of the types which recently gained immense popularity are kettlebell Exercises. To know more about kettlebell Exercises, firstly it is important to know what is a kettlebell. Well, a Kettlebell is a kind of weight, made up of iron. It is round in shape and comprises a handle as well. The handle in the weight helps in the process of gripping. In order to facilitate a convenient workout, these days you can also find these kettlebells with rubber grips.

kettlebell Exercises are extremely beneficial as people have experienced great results after doing these exercises. These exercises allow the movement of the entire body. Thus you can have a work out of the whole body altogether. There are a number of kettlebell Exercises that you can do. Some of these are kettlebell swings, jerks, windmills and many more. You can go for any type of kettlebell Exercises depending on the requirement of your body. However, you must take guidance from well a qualified and professional coach in order to get proper directions. Many people start doing these kettlebell Exercises and do not feel the need of a coach, but one must be well aware of the do’s and don’ts while going for any exercise.

And with a good supervision, one can experience marvelous results with their body. The kettlebell Exercises have copious benefits for your body. Your muscles get great endurance and strength. These exercises also improve the mobility of your body which results in more flexibility of the body muscles. If you go for these kettlebell Exercises you would certainly feel that a single particular exercise not just benefits a particular part of the body, rather the entire body. This is because while doing an exercise with a kettlebell, all other body parts too experience a movement. Thus, it can be said that kettlebell Exercises are a great way for an overall workout. Furthermore, kettlebell Exercises offers two benefits simultaneously. It provides the benefits of cardio exercises and at the same time offers vigor and power to the body.

Kettlebell Exercises or you can say kettlebell workouts offer great fun and enjoyment as they are quite easy to go about. Besides this if you are looking to buy a kettlebell for yourself, then you have enormous variety to choose from. The kettle bells are available in different sizes and colors. You can see different brands selling these kettlebells. So, you can go ahead, buy one for yourself of your choice and thus make the experience of kettlebell Exercises more fun.

Structure a Proper Routine For Getting Better Size & Strength

Some kettlebell trainees commit a mistake by performing too many exercises, using faulty frequency and by applying inappropriate use of volume.

They are soon to be frustrated because they are not able to get their desired results.

So, when designing a Kettlebell exercise routine, one must understand that he or she cannot be equally good in too many exercises. Thus, try to keep the things simple and concentrate on doing only a few Kettlebell exercise properly.

Moreover, there is a need to have a balanced development. Let’s get into few key elements of kettlebell exercises for achieving both size and strength.

In structuring a routine for Kettlebell exercises, the first and foremost thing that an individual is required to focus on is the workouts themselves, which offer the most bash for the buck.

Break down the total body exercise into 5 groups – pressing, pulling, quads, hamstrings and core. It forms a complete routine of Kettlebell exercises for complete body.

Kettlebell Pressing Exercises

These Kettlebell exercises intend to take care of the triceps, shoulders and chest. Few Kettlebell pressing exercises include:

  • Double Military Press
  • Double clean & military press
  • Double sots press
  • Floor press
  • Alternating military press
  • Alternating floor press

Kettlebell Pulling Exercises

These exercises are essential to guarantee balanced development for upper parts of the body.

There is a great synergy between pressing and pulling muscles. The better one gets at pulling kettlebell pulling exercises, the stronger he or she becomes at pressing.

Some of the best pulling exercises are:

  • Renegade Row
  • Pull-ups using a kettlebell
  • Double Bent-over Row
  • Alternating bent over row
  • 1 arm rows having 2 kettlebells

Kettlebell Quads Exercises

An individual is also required to put effort on the legs.

In addition to the upper body’s development, leg development is also essential.

So, in order to form a strong foundation performing the following kettlebell quad exercises:

  • Double Lunge
  • Double front squat
  • Suitcase squat
  • Double front box squat

Kettlebell Hamstrings Exercises

The next important body part that needs to be developed is the back of the legs.

For an athlete, strong hamstrings are required for building explosive speed and strength.

So, choose few of these kettlebell hamstrings exercises:

  • Double clean
  • Double swing
  • Double snatch
  • Full body attack
  • Double squat (one legged)

Kettlebell Core Exercises

Last but not the least, it is necessary for an individual to cover the midsection.

Midsection is a sort of hook that links the upper body to the lower body.

If this section of the body is not strong enough, the entire body gets weak.

One can select some of these kettlebell core exercises to develop his or her midsection:

  • Double windmill
  • 1 arm windmill
  • Turkish get up
  • Turkish sit up and get up

The 5 kettlebell exercises mentioned above cover most of the bases.

If the main goal of an individual is to get stronger and bigger, he or she can split these kettlebell workouts into different areas – lower body & upper body.

Then consider carrying out activities for each area for at least twice a week.

Kettlebell Exercises Program

In order to make it easier for you, here is a sample program that you can put into good use:

  • On Monday, focus on upper body. Perform double bent-over row and double clean & press
  • On Tuesday, focus on lower body. Perform double front squat & double swing.
  • On Thursday, focus on upper body again. Perform pull up with kettlebell & double floor press.
  • On Friday, focus on lower body again. Perform double snatch and double front lunge.

Doing it this way, and making sure to repeat these kettlebell exercises every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (or any other set of days that you pick) you will soon get your desired results.

Weight Loss Program

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